About Us

1492552_10153565368535335_395042738_oKangen Water™ is trademarked by Enagic Inc., a 50 year-old company with headquarters in Okinawa, Japan and 12+ offices around the world including 2 in Canada.

Kangen Water Solutions has the goal to spread the word about Kangen Water™ to businesses and consumers around the world.

Shawn Butterworth, the CEO & Founder of KangenWaterSolutions.com, is an authorized distributor of Kangen Water™ machines since 2010 and has had the opportunity to see it change peoples’ lives health and financial wise.


In the last 5 years, Kangen Water™ has become increasingly popular around the world especially Canada and the USA. Enagic’s currently on pace for it’s goal of selling 20,000 units per month.